Monday, April 25, 2011

Non-confident Cougar

Hi Lucia,

I am 40 years old, dating a guy who is 31 and we are intending to get married. I don’t feel confident most of the time, because younger woman are attracted to him.  How can I gain confidence?  Mary

Hi Mary,

The number one reason guys say they are attracted to older women is confidence, so until you feel confident, do not even think about marrying your younger man, or it will not go well.  Although 9 years may seem like a big age difference to you, these days, it’s not that big!

He is interested in you because you have qualities which younger women don’t – maturity, life experience, no drama, sexual confidence.  He is dating you because of your age, not despite your age.  The fact that the two of you are intending to marry means he wants to be with you, not someone younger.  If he had wanted a younger woman, he would have gotten one. 

No matter who you’re with, at some point, another woman will find him attractive.  That’s just life.  Your job is to find someone who loves you so much that no matter who is attracted to him, he’s always happy to come home to you.

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