Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where Can I Find A Cougar?

Hi Lucia,

I'm a personal trainer in Los Angeles and I've found myself more attracted to much older women because they seem to know what they want and have little or no shame in being who they want to be.  I could go on for days as to why older women are just so much more appealing but I'll spare you.

My problem is that I'm a young, handsome man in very good shape but I am finding it hard to meet older women. How do I go about finding older women that are into young men?  I have no clue what places to go to or even what sites to join. I prefer being able to look someone in the eye and talk with them but I'll take what I can get.  Rick

Hi Rick,

Hmm, let’s see.  A young, handsome, in shape guy in Los Angeles can’t find an older woman?  Somehow, I find that hard to believe, especially since most Cougars work out, so they are right in front of you – at the gym!

You can also try book stores, hotel bars, upscale restaurants and museums.  In terms of sites, I would recommend joining the free community at, where there is also a list of Cougar Dens, as well as a link to the dating site


  1. I'm having the same problem as him-- although I'm absolutely sure I'm NOT in the same good shape as him, but I do live in an urban area (Eugene, Oregon) & am having trouble finding ladies who might like guys my age. I do look handsome, but am very introverted & have had lousy luck w/ all women period. I guess I'm just chicken--worried that I'll give a woman a compliment OR ask her out & then she wants nothing to do w/me AND she gets creeped out AND claims sexual harrassment. It's just a fear-- but this fear is keeping me alone. My lack of expendable money probably is a total turn-off, too; although I'm not in any debt & do rent my own apartment, every last cent I get goes to pay very few basic bills. Raising income is a HUGE no-no; I'll lose my health coverage!

  2. More singles choose online dating and free dating websites as their preferred method of finding a dating match than any other, due to the fact that these singles dating sites offer a huge reassurance. Coupled with the added benefits of long-term communication before ever meeting your date and not having to leave home; online dating can fit into everyone’s lifestyles.

  3. Being a good looking fit man really shouldn't cause you any problems at all. Older women dating younger men is an exploding trend, and one only set to get more popular. There was a recent study done in England where 50% of Gloucester women ARE cougars who were actively dating a toyboy. If this wasn't news enough, an astoishing 70% of women in Gloucester wanted to BE cougars, and wanted fun meets with younger men!

    I'd say hit clubs, bars or get online - but your next cougar could be a click away :)

  4. which are the best cougar dating sites in india please advise me

  5. where can i find cougars in india... and are there any online websites to meet cougars in India?

  6. It seems that @cougar dating has a great point. Having a young and handsome guy like you would be a great advantage because cougar women would really find you attractive. Why having difficulty with it?If it doesn't work in person why not try online dating?Who knows maybe it's the answer of your problem.