Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Am I Attracted to Older Women?

Hi Lucia,

I'm 25 and I am finding myself more attracted to older women – 32 and up.  Why is that?  Matt

Hi Matt,

Society has programmed guys to think they should only be attracted to nubile 20 something’s, so when they find themselves interested in an older woman (even if she’s only 7 years older), they question themselves.  As women continue to take care of themselves and maintain their looks, there’s no reason why men can’t still find them attractive, just because they are over 30 or 40.

Besides the physical appearance, they have many other desirable personality traits such as confidence, comfortable with their sexuality, life experience, knowing what they want and not being afraid to communicate it.  There is also usually less drama associated with an older woman.  She will not call/text you 10 times a day or want to know where you are every minute. 

The lifestyle is becoming more and more acceptable, so there’s no need to be embarrassed or ashamed.  If you’d like to date older women, go for it!  Welcome to the Cougar Revolution!


  1. What is the chance of me and a cougar having sex? I don't want to lose my virginity, but I am very attracted to cougars. Also where can I meet some outside of bars, and online dating?

  2. to the guy above you should lose it to her and get it out the way
    , the first time is always anxious and better to lose it to someone who won't criticize, and from personal experience they will help teach you alot. I was 16 and lost mine to a 35 yr old and I would never regret it.