Thursday, March 31, 2011

Response to: Should I Date This 19 Year Old?


I can't believe your advice to Nancy. She has to be 40ish and she's dating her 17 year old daughter's friends!  Her older daughter hit the nail on the head.  She is pathetic and embarrassing and can't find guys her own age that want anything to do with her.

I would have asked her why she can't find men in her appropriate age range. She says they have "a lot in common" which certainly shows her level of maturity. But since you see yourself as some type of "cougar" I guess you feel that your advice is warranted as it justifies your lifestyle. 

Maybe Nancy can find a 19 year old for you as well, you should ask her. I should start asking my teenage niece to set me up with her friends as I'm in awesome shape and only 50, if it's all about what makes me feel good, right? I'm sure we'd have lots to talk about. I'm picturing a 19 year old boy on a date, holding hands with someone his mom's age.

The scenario is ridiculous, as well as it would be for me to be on a date with a teenager. I have to wonder what his issues are when he would date someone that old instead of a hottie his own age, but we've all heard of the Oedipus Complex.

Grow up, Nancy. You have two daughters and need to be their role model, not competing for their dates.  R.B.

Dear R.B.,

When people talk about finding love, they use the word soul mate, not age mate.  This is because what we are all seeking is a deep connection on a soul level, and a soul is ageless and timeless.  It doesn’t depend on chronological age.

Antiquated, narrow minded, outdated, unenlightened, useless, irrelevant, non-progressive and judgmental 20th century thinking such as yours is one of the main reasons older women who are still young at heart and have a child-like spirit, seek the company of younger men.

My motto has always been, “Live and let live”.  I believe you may find life a bit easier if you were to adopt the same attitude.

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  1. I agree with RB UNLESS this 19-year-old is enough of a gentleman to at least take her out to Arby's :)