Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?


We as humans have the tendency to find the easy way out, instead of fighting for something even when we believe that it is worth fighting for. This is all too prevalent in a number of relationships. 
When a relationship begins to find itself heading down a slippery slope, people have the aptness to end the relationship instead of attempting to work things out. If you and your partner are facing relationship problems, decide on what it is you really want. 

On the other hand, if your partner has already decided to break it off and you want to nip it in the bud, give this adequate thought to what will be best for the both of you. 

Couples break up for a variety of reasons. Often the main reason is infidelity or that the relationship has grown stale and stagnant resulting in the sudden death of the attraction you once felt for each other’s company. 

Be that as it may, the good news is a number of us have faced this problem at one time or another, and many at times have been able to rejuvenate the spark in our relationship. Hence, if you want to stop a break up that is looming in your relationship, you have nothing to worry about but with a little conscious effort coming from you it can make a colossal of a difference to your relationship. 

Ask yourself about what it is you really need  

Though this may seem like a redundant point right now, it is an important factor you need to be completely certain that you want the relationship to work out. Make sure that it is not merely a knee- jerking reaction to the fact that your partner may be threatening to breaking up with you. 

Sometimes when you are facing an impending break up, all you want to do is salvage the relationship, even if you are not happy in the relationship. Ask yourself, “I am really happy in this relationship? Should I stop this break up?” 

To further assist you in this quest, you can make a list of the things that you like and dislike about your partner. Do not be biased, do not sugar-coat your opinions. Just be honest. Once you have completed the list, find out if the positive qualities outweigh the negative qualities. If this is the case, you should definitely begin to fight to save your relationship. 

Value the love that you shared
Remember that the two of you shared a truly happy relationship in the beginning. Both of you being together after all this time through thick and thin must have meant something.

Just because there is a lack of understanding in your relationship, does not mean that the love should not exist anymore. Therefore to value the love that you two shared for each other
you will discover that preventing the break up is certainly much better than curing one. 

Speak your mind - be honest
Dependable communication is the key to any relationship. Thus, if you can talk to your partner in an open manner, a lot of issues in your relationship may be resolved and you will find that you have no reason to break up. 

Allow a two-way communication to take place between your partner and you. Make sure that you are honest in your opinions and give attention and adequate importance to what your partner has to say. If you can manage to have a mature conversation without making or tossing any accusations around, you will be able to work out the differences with perfect grace. 

Ask for professional help
If you feel that, you may not be able to make everything work out in the relationship by yourself, seek the help of a professional relationship expert. Relationship counselors have managed to save countless relationships they know what is best for a certain couple. Allowing an expert to assist you in stopping a possible break up is not be a bad idea after all. 

Naturally, I am incline to ask you what are your New Year’s relationship resolutions? Are you going to nip it in the bud or just walk away?

About the Author:  Slay Chernoff the founder of Loveawake, a dating website and blog dedicated to changing romance and relationships for the better. They provide a place for people to meet and start relationships online.

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  1. Relationship is composed of trust, honesty, understanding, compromises and of course love. You need to work on these factors to make your relationship lasts.