Thursday, May 26, 2011

Response: Is It Wrong to Have Sex With a Cougar?

Dear Lucia,
Recently you told a 21 year old man who was having great sex with a 52 year old woman to “do his thing.”  If this were a 52 year old man having "great sex" with a 21 year old girl, would you be as encouraging to "do your thing", or would you castigate the man for being a disgusting old man taking advantage of a girl with severe daddy issues, young enough to be his daughter ?  Be honest.  Peter

Dear Peter,
Older men have been having sex with much younger women for ages.  If a 21 year old girl wants to have sex with a 52 year old man, that's her business, and it's not necessarily because she has "Daddy issues."

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  1. Damn straight Lucia! I love reading this blog. Peter, what is it with you guys and your constant fear of castration? Don’t worry no one’s walking around here with a knife. Why do cougars like young men? Because they are so much fun! AND they do not need purple pills to get it up. Here’s some more reasons: they’re more laid back, less anger issues with women, happier in general, okay with a woman who makes more than them, work hard to please, eager to learn, at their sexual peak…the list goes on and on.