Monday, January 26, 2015

Should I Ask Out My Cougar Co-Worker?

Hi Lucia,

I just started working with a gorgeous woman (recently divorced).  She has a great personality and I’m really attracted to her.  She is 45 and I am 20.  I’ve been with women older than her but it was just one night stands.

I think she is into me.  The second day we met she told me about her friends being into younger guys, and how she has not slept with a man in a while. She also makes me work with her all the time, and it seems like she tries to get me alone with her.

I go back to work with her on Monday for one of my last days and I'm thinking about asking for her number.  I'm not too sure about it, because I do not want to make things awkward. What do you think?  Is she into me?  Should I get her number or leave it alone?   Rex

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