Monday, June 16, 2014

My Cougar Doesn't Want to Marry Me!

Hi Lucia,

I'm 20 and my partner is 34.   Recently she said she wants to get married at some point.   She is always evasive or changes the subject when I bring up specifically her marrying me, as opposed to just generally wanting to get married. This makes me think that she is just having fun with me and doesn't plan to actually marry me at some future time. 

She has said that she won't like me a bit more for trying to act older but I'm worried she needs someone who's not a kid to her and will ultimately go for someone more her peer. 

Am I just imagining it?  Ryan

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  1. Its wrong to assume that just because he is 20 that he is not mature.. maturity does not always come with age. I dated a 51 year old cougar that was more immature than most 20 year olds.

  2. A 51 year old woman behaving immaturely doesn't automatically mean a 20 year old is mature.