Monday, August 18, 2014

Can this Cub be Trusted?

Hello Lucia,

I met this young man who expressed an interest in me.  He would usually call to find out how I was doing and so on.  Recently he asked me to visit him which I gladly did because he had visited me at home before.  

When I arrived he was not well dressed and I suspected he was up to something.  After some time I asked to leave but he said I should spend the night at his place, which I declined.  Then he proposed that I should find time and spend one week end with him, which I have not.

Now he doesn't call me as he used to.  When we first met he asked me if I was going to marry him. He wanted me to take him to meet my parents.   I suspect he is up to something.   Can he be trusted?  What should I do?  Joyce

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