Monday, January 13, 2014

Meeting a Cougar at the Gym


Hi Lucia,

I see this woman almost everyday at the gym. I'm 24 and she looks like she could be 35 at the most. We constantly exchange looks throughout the 1.5 hours we're there. However, it's like high school where if I catch her, she'll look away quickly or if she knows I'm looking, she'll do something sexy in my direction!

I finally found the courage to greet her and ask for her name (outside of the gym for privacy, and no eyes!) as she was leaving to go back to work. She faced me with the biggest smile and gave me her name (no hesitation). I gave her mine, shook her hand and told her it was a pleasure to finally meet her and that she was gorgeous! The smile she had never left her face throughout the conversation, even as she was walking up the stairs as we parted.

How can I tell for sure if she is interested so I can make my move? Are there any other signs I can look for? How can I grab her attention/interest more? Marcus

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